What We Do

Sand Hill Geographic is a full service geospatial consultancy. Geography is our passion, and we believe it offers a competitive advantage in deriving insights and solving problems. We help organizations conceive of solutions to their business problems, research new approaches, design workflows and outreach strategies, build protoypes, then scale and deploy to production IT environments. We have both a services and product component to the business, which can work together or be independent.

Services include:

  • Advisory and Consulting Services
  • Research and Development whitepapers
  • Product Development
  • Product Management
  • Software Development
  • Marketing and Outreach Strategy
  • Deployment and Scaling

Our core competancies are geographic information science, open source software, crowdsourcing data and methods, and design.

EventKit is our flagship software product. Useful unto itself, EventKit is also the core of an ecosystem of other geospatial components needed for a complete spatial data infrastructure. QGIS and QGIS Server are key to our approach, and together with EventKit form a cohesive workflow from HQ to the Field and back. EventKit also support ESRI standards and works equally well within the ESRI product suite.

The geospatial world continues to evolve at an incredible rate, with innovations at all tiers of the geographic technology stack. We work to remain current on the latest developments by attending conferences and local meetups, and maintain working knowledge of the range of open source software tools.

Specific details of previous work provided on request

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