About Us

The Sand Hills
Inspired by the landscape that my family farmed for five generations, Sand Hill Geographic is named after the Rolling Sand Plains ecoregion of Southwest Kansas. It serves as reminder of the beauty of subtle things, the delicate balance of complex systems, and the hard work and dedication needed to succeed.

Founded in 2015 by Dr Joshua S Campbell, Sand Hill Geographic is a geospatial consultancy built around the central idea that the geographic perspective (integrative thinking, spatial data and analysis, and cartographic visualizations) are key to solving problems across a range of disciplines. Our goal is to work with clients in areas where we can bring value, whether that is conceptualizing new products or workflows, research and development on cutting-edge ideas, building prototypes and features, advising on scaling out to the enterprise or market, or providing product management services to integrate engineering, marketing, and user needs. We specialize in open source software and the integration of open data with enterprise data.

We take a holistic approach to problem solving, combining technology with design and communications. It's not enough to simply build new tools, they must fit within the context and culture of the users they're intended for. This requires understanding the interface between the user and the business need, then building tools that save time and frustration, that are beautiful and simple to use, and wrapped in tailored branding and marketing communications.

We are defined by a deep understanding of geographic information science, expertise in open source software and data, rigorous design processes, and focus on user experience.

Sand Hill Geographic builds upon Dr. Campbell's 20 year career in Geography, a hallmark of which is successfully working across the bureacracies and cultures of a range of government agencies, international organizations, and missions. Beginning his career in academia, Dr. Campbell has spent the last decade working at the nexus of diplomacy, defense, and development. With 6 years experience at the State Department prior to founding Sand Hill, he is a trusted advisor with the government as well as to humanitarian and development organizations. The MapGive project best illustrates this capacity, an effort to leverage U.S. government purchased satellite imagery with the volunteer mapping community, all in service of humanitarian and development initiatives.

He is a USGIF Innovation Award winner, NextGov Bold Award winner, Councilor of the American Geographical Society, a voting member of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, a charter member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, and a Volunteer Partner with the American Red Cross. This speaks to the cross-cutting applicability of geospatial technology and his ability to bring cultural awareness and user empathy to a range of communities.

Since its founding, Sand Hill's work has focused primarily on national security. The bulk of that time leading the product development of the EventKit application, along with R&D work focused on advanced crowdsourcing techniques, building recommendation systems for geospatial and other mission data, and Deep Learning approaches to automated feature extraction from satellite imagery. These were done as a sub-contractor under different contract vehicles and SBIR awards.

Outside of defense, Dr Campbell was a consultant for the World Bank's Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR), specifically the Open Data for Resilience (OpenDRI) project. This involved direct engagement with foreign governments and communities to participate in a geospatial framework for evaluating and modeling disaster risk. Both OpenStreetMap and the GeoNode application are key to this work.

Our broad base of experience and geographic training means Sand Hill Geographic can provide consulting, subject matter expert, and product management services to a range of missions. Additionally, as the founding product management vision for EventKit, Sand Hill Geographic can help customize and deploy EventKit into your workflows and IT environment.

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